Our Philosophy

We believe that somewhere on our planet there are people that are creative and crazy at the same time.

People that are always looking to improve, but on the other hand will never lose the child inside them.

The "yin yang" people that are ready for BOOM!


Our goal is to find that people in order to deliver them the craziest, funniest and most astonishing clothes to be ever seen on Earth!


We strive to show the current world of "Fast Fashion" what it really means to be an unique and open-minded person.

How do we plan to achieve that? The key factor is the unforgettable design of every single piece of clothing we deliver.

All the fresh graphics that can be seen on the clothing presented on BOOM-Wear website are designed solely by professional graphic designers, tattooers, photographers and street artists from all over the world.

The patterns are fresh, funky, very often symbolic but sometimes endearingly simple. That's how we take today's fashion to the whole new level!


Of course it's not only about the design. Our apparel is also distinguished by its fantastic quality. No matter how many times you wash it, it'll always stay fresh and won't fade away. And that's probably the key to our success.

BOOM-Wear team also realizes that intelligent and creative people are at the same time pretty demanding. That is why we offer the biggest choice of all-over-print and full-print apparel in UK.


We are not afraid to say that the BOOM-Wear brings you the new creative era of Slow Fashion.

Don't hesitate to enter the world of alternative clothing for all enlightened people!




BOOM WEAR - Fashion That Blows Your Mind!

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